We provide foreign languages courses for persons interested in learning the language, as well as for persons that wish to study more thoroughly a specialized domain (financial, commercial, legal etc.). The courses can be organized for individuals or legal entities, and, for the latter, either at our headquarters or at the headquarters of the customer.
Courses can be provided in two variants: for individuals or groups. Based on their frequency, they can either be intensive or extensive.

Three tests are organized for the duration of the course:

1. Before the course begins. The initial test shall include a written and an oral part and shall last approximately 60-90 minutes. It shall allow the teacher to establish the proficiency level of the course participants and to divide them into groups. This test is not included in the course hours and is free of charge.

2. Halfway through the course. This test allows the checking of the knowledge acquired by the course participants and the providing of recommendations.

3. At the end of the course. This test shall ensure the final evaluation of the knowledge acquired and the issuing of any further recommendations. The grade obtained shall be mentioned on the attendance certificate.

Certification: an attendance certificate shall be issued at the end of the course.

Quality assurance: The teaching and evaluation activities are carried out based on specific methods, according to the didactical goals set by the authors of the manuals, depending on the proficiency level of the participants and their interest areas.

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