The concept underlying project management is the customized approach of each project. Thus various factors, such as the customer’s demands, the destination of the project, its integration with similar projects carried out for the same customer, and the allocated budget, are considered.

Confidentiality is ensured as per the agreements entered into with customers, and with subcontractors.
The team involved in the development of projects includes professionals of various fields and is hierarchically structured, thus ensuring the exclusion of errors, an efficient communication between the team members and feed-back from customers.

Staff, as well as subcontractors, is recruited using a strict selection process, so as to guarantee the quality of the services provided, the compliance with the deadlines, the integration in the project team and permanent communication. The staff is evaluated on a permanent basis, with a view to the ensuring of the compliance with the specific quality requirements.

Translators must have graduated a foreign languages faculty and the majority of them are also accredited by the Ministry of Justice.

We use the latest terminological tools (translation memories, dictionaries, specialized glossaries, Internet sources) and didactical instruments (manuals, customized training tools and courses, etc.).

We also take on a customized approach as regards the foreign language courses, depending on the interests of the course participants. The teaching and evaluation activities are performed based on specific methods, according to the didactical goals set by the authors of the manuals. The accomplishment of these goals is checked by means of tests scheduled for each course. At the end of each course, the participants are granted an attendance certificate proving the fact that they have attended the course and specifying the grade obtained in the final test.