We provide non-certified translations:
- technical documents
- regulations, reports, legislation
- analysis reports
- commercial presentations and other marketing and advertising texts,

As well as certified/authenticated translations:
- standard documents (birth, marriage, and death certificates, criminal records)
- various certificates
- diplomas and transcripts of records
- agreements, powers of attorney, statements
- company documents

Certified translations bear the signature and the stamp of the translator and can be authenticated by a notary public.
This type of translations can only be done by translators accredited by the Ministry of Justice

Areas of expertise:
1 Technical (cars, medical, IT & communication, constructions, biology, engineering, agriculture, protection of the environment, transports etc.)
1 Economic and commercial
1 Marketing and advertising
1 Fiction


Arabic, Chinese, Croat, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

Language categories:

1 1st category languages - English, French, Italian
1 2nd category languages - German, Spanish
1 3rd category languages - Croat, Czech, Dutch, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Turkish
1 4th category languages - Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Swedish

The languages have been categorized with a view to the setting of tariffs, with prices increasing from 1st category to the 4th category. (tariff form)
The unit based on which the price is set is the source word.